Cleveland Bay Horses in Scotland



We bought our first Zwartbles ewes in late 2010 purchasing three in lamb ewes at the annual sale in Stirling, Tardoes Nora, Saltur Penny and Lyne Sunshine. We had been impressed by the breed`s friendly nature whenever we had seen them at shows over a couple of years. They turned out to be the perfect choice for us, they are friendly and easily handled. In fact they can be easily handled in the middle of a field and come when called which makes life simple. In 2011 we purchased Torranyard Tuxedo as a ram lamb and he has since produced two very nice crops of lambs.

In 2012 we brought in Guilden Wallace to serve Tuxedo's daughters. In his first year he has produced some nice lambs including Brackenbrae Ace, a big friendly tup lamb currently for sale.

The Zwartbles are due to start lambing in the first week in March. So far we have kept all the females from the first two years and sold the males fat at Forfar market. This year we sold some breeding gimmers and lambs privately.

Our intention is to run a small pedigree flock of Zwartbles alongside the small flock of commercial ewes that Alison has kept with us since 2009. Tuxedo ran with her crossbred ewes last winter and will do the same again this year to lamb in April 2014. We are all hoping for a trouble free lambing season and some nice lambs.

Tuxedo meets Marshall

Alison and Eva show Brackenbrae Whisky and Torranyard Tuxedo
in the interbreed pairs final at the Smallholders and Growers Festival
Forfar 2012