Cleveland Bay Horses in Scotland


We have run a small herd of Dexter cattle for four years. The two cows, Dexie and her daughter Dun, were bought as a bit of an impulse buy and have proved to be great fun and have huge characters to make up for their small size. They have produced only bull calves so far which we sell to ScotBeef at Bridge of Allan.

ducks and hens

Douglas a Dexter calf

the Dexters

Dun, Dexy, Dougal and Hamish

Hamish a 4 year old Dexter bull arrived from the heard of George Pryde at Bankfoot to try and get the two cows Dun and Dexy in calf. Hamish is the father of Dexy`s last calf Dougal.

We also buy some dairy crosses as calves and bucket feed them to start then run them with the Dexters.


Cameron is a pygmy goat that Alison brought to us because he needed a home. An entire male he smells awful and is not the prettiest thing you have ever seen, this picture is when he is quite young. He has since lost an eye and grown quite a bit fatter and scruffier. Surprisingly he still has a fan club, gettting visitors from the village who tell us he is lovely. They have a different idea of lovely than us. Cameron should really be on the horse pages as he considers himself one of them. He spends the winter in the open shed with them, grazes along side them and frets if he is separated from them. He also thinks he is 17 hands tall and is not afraid to take on all comers - sheep, horses or cattle which is probably the reason he only has one eye.

Some of the free range ducks and hens

Occasionally we are visited by some rare wildlife. Some of our visitors have been; beaver, osprey, herons, fallow deer, roe deer and otter. Here is a video of an otter that raided our chicken shed and was sleeping off a chicken supper when I opened the shed in the morning