Cleveland Bay Horses in Scotland



Lockie went out for a rare outing today. We have been so busy with sheep shearing and showing the youngsters that he has been a bit neglected recently. He has certainly been quietly putting on the beef in his corner of the field so it is high time that he go out for some exercise. He certainly seemed to enjoy himself.



The hot weather continues which was not great news for our new batch of hens. They are rescue hens ex battery stock and in need of a bit of love and attention as you can see from the photo. They are mostly bald and feeling the heat both inside the coup and the direct sun when they come out. They will take a few days to settle and learn about the big new world that they can range about in but have already started laying. We also did some work with the horses over the weekend. We worked on Lucent's loading into the lorry which was a problem last week at Fife show and she seems to have mastered the ramp. We will find out when we load her for the West Fife Show next Saturday. We also rode out Lockie Jack and Lizzie for the first time in a while.

The new hens come to terms with their new quarters

Lockie and Rags crossing the bridge

Lockie, Lizzie and Rags heading out for a walk



We had a good day out at Fife show. The weather was sunny and dry for a change at Fife which meant the crowds were good. We had Brackenbrae Ragnald and Brackenbrae Lucent entered for the yearling class in the In Hand Hunter section and they did well for their first big show of the season. Lucent was 2nd and Rags placed 3rd, Lucent was a bit excited and Rags was a bit gangly and wooly having not lost his winter coat. Both then spent the rest of the day on The Rare Breeds Survival Trust stand meeting hundreds of people and impressing them with their good manners and lovely temperaments.

Rags and Jim


Rags and Lucent meet their fans.



A successful lambing season with not too many dramas is finally over. We are having to bottle feed Sunshine's boy as she has no milk, and another four lambs are getting topped up. A bit disappointing as we haven't had to feed anyone for a few years, but they are all doing well.

Someone couldn't wait for breakfast to get to the field this morning - she came up to the door looking for it!

Spring really is here finally. The swallows are nesting in the sheds and a thrush has set up home right next to the bedroom window.



Four weeks later than usual we started lambing yesterday with first Tuppence producing a single girl and then Betty a pair of girls. Hopefully the rest of the lambing season will go as well.

Betty and her girls relaxing in the poly tunnel.

The fields are saturated but hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and they can go out to the field.



On Friday Candy set off on the start of her trip down south to her new home in the south of England. She will be meeting up with her uncle Marshall there. Her friendly nature will be missed but we know that she is going to a good home. Hopefully it will be a bit drier down there just now too.

Candy waiting to load on to the lorry going south

On Saturday we had visitors from Yorkshire. Helen and Sara came up to visit Helen's boy Ragnald and took the youngsters out for a walk. Luckily the weather improved for the day.

Rags and Helen, Lucent and Sara