Cleveland Bay Horses in Scotland



On Saturday we were part of a great day out organised by Falkirk Community Trust at the Helix Park as part of the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology. The RBST had a stand there and also six native breeds on display close to the main ring. We started the day with a photoshoot at the Kelpies themselves, did two parades in the ring and spent the rest of the day meeting the public. Although it was a lot of work and took months to organise, it was a fun day that everyone enjoyed. Even the weather was good.

Rags and Skysail with friends Nicola with Dee the miniature Shetland and Mary with Morrie the Eriskay

Just some of the horses and ponies taking part

Setting off for the morning parade



Sad news. Our darling Diamond died yesterday. She suffered with arthritis for some time and several times we have thought that we were going to have to make the difficult decision, only for our vets, Glasgow University vets and the farriers at various times coming up with ways to alleviate her symptoms. She spent a happy summer with the two latest foals, Rags and Lucent, looking after them in her usual "Granny Diamond" way, until suddenly being stricken again at the weekend. The vet came out first thing on Monday morning and she passed away very peacefully in the field.

We are devastated at losing her but very grateful that we could have her with us for as long as we have. She was a very special horse and she will be sorely missed by everyone.

Diamond, as ever, close to the wee ones

Our last photos of Diamond, taken just last week, on a pleasant summer evening



With some good weather and harvested barley fields around us we took out some of the horses for a walk around the area. The two foals went out with their mothers and Candy was accompanied by Lizzie.






Kinross Show has been good to us over the years and this year was no exception with in the Brood Mare class Skysail taking 1st and Crystal 3rd, Lucent receiving the rosette for Best Foal and Incandescence winning the Yearling class and then taking the In Hand Hunter Championship and winning back the Stevenson Cup for team Brackenbrae.

This was Lucent's first outing and she behaved exceptionally well, calm, and taking all the new sights and sounds in her stride. She thought trotting after her mother in the Brood Mare class was exciting and good fun and Alison did well to keep up.

The morning started with pouring rain but luckily cleared up just as our classes were finishing. Thanks to Helen Hennessy who came up from Yorkshire to handle Ragnald and Alison's friend Gwen who took Skysail round. We could not have managed without them.

Brackenbrae Lucent having her first shampoo in preparation for her first show

Sky and Gwen, Rags and Helen, Candy and Jimmy going into the ring for the In Hand Hunter Championship

Lucent receiving the Special Rosette for the Best Foal



Another success at the GYS this year. Brackenbrae Incandescence won her Part Bred Yearling Filly In Hand class and went on to get Reserve in the In Hand Part Bred Championship. She enjoys the big events and all the company. She is interested in everything going on around her, horses and people. Unfortunately it was a very wet day, but a success makes up for that. Luckily the rain eased off just for the Cleveland Bay classes and the nearby CBHS tent was a welcome refuge for refreshments.

Candy keen to get involved with the chat with the judge as Jimmy receives her rosette for Reserve Champion.



Done and Dunblane Show on Saturday was another useful outing for the youngsters. After two hours waiting in the sun in the collecting ring Rags was a bit bouncy but both he and his mother Skysail won their classes and Candy came second in hers. Then in the wait for the Light Horse Breeding Championship they got their first taste of the bagpipes with Doune Pipe Band performing in the Main Ring behind us. Keeping an eye on the opposition in the Horse rings (and even the lush grass) was forgotten as they watched and listened in amazement. After a few minutes the novelty wore off and they made their way through the Championship in step with the music. In spite of his bouncy behaviour earlier Rags had charmed the judges and he was awarded Light Horse Breeding In Hand Reserve Champion so another successful day all round.

Candy, Skysail and Rags distracted by the entertainment in the main ring

Skysail really is enjoying her first season of showing and getting out and about.

Brackenbrae Ragnald being called forward to receive Reserve Champion