Cleveland Bay Horses in Scotland



Recently we travelled to Harrogate to compete at the Great Yorkshire show. We took Brackenbrae Ultimate (Tim) our part bred Cleveland Bay yearling to compete in two classes. The trip down was uneventful and Tim was relaxed and happy in his stable when he arrived on the Monday evening. He enjoyed all the goings on and seeing lots of different horses around him. The Cleveland Bay classes were due to start on the Tuesday at 4.30 pm but did not actually start until 7pm which led to some tired and bored horses competing with no spectators especially for the later classes, Tim did not get into the ring until nearly 9pm. Jimmy handled Helen Hennessy's two year old Brackenbrae Ragnald (Rags) who despite being fractious at his long wait managed to win the pure bred two year old class. Jimmy then showed Brackenbrae Ultimate in the part bred Cleveland Bay yearling class and was place 2nd and behaved well.

On the Wednesday morning Alison took her turn to show Tim in the hunter yearling colt or gelding class achieving a 5th place in a very strong class.

It was a nice couple of days meeting friends and seeing Rags again, he has turned into a handsome big lad with Helen down in Yorkshire.

Brackenbrae Ragnald 1st Cleveland Bay yearling

Brackenbrae Ultimate 2nd Cleveland Bay part bred yearling

Brackenbrae Ultimate 5th Hunter yearling

Brackenbrae Ultimate



Brackenbrae Crystal produced her fifth foal, the first pure bred CB, on midsummer at 1.20am so we are calling him Brackenbrae Solstice ("Sol") He has great long legs and a very laid back nature, already coming up to people for cuddles. His sire Thomsonbrook King William is here again this summer and has already served Pearl and Cori so we hope for positive results from their upcoming scans.

Brackenbrae Solstice enjoying his first day lazing on a sunny afternoon watched over by his mum Crystal and Auntie Skysail.



Folds Pearl produced a lovely colt foal for us at 5am on the 7th of May. He is by Barbara Martindale's stallion Brackenbrae Somerled that we bred. We are hoping to call him Brackenbrae Angus after a son of the original Somerled, Lord of the Isles. He had the usual Cleveland Bay trait of his legs being too long for him to get low enough to suckle from his mum. However Pearl allowed us to milk her and he was bottle fed some colostrum. This started him off and he was soon suckling on his own. We let him out to the field in the afternoon and he was soon testing his legs.



A difficult decision had to be faced this week. After the pleasure of having Warlord's company for the last ten years, we have had to let him pass on before he became any more infirm. He had become unsteady on his feet, and a couple of times had fallen and needed help to get up but was still reasonably comfortable and wandering around the field with his long-time companion Lizzie. He has sired eight lovely foals for us from Lizzie, Diamond and Sky, who have all inherited his lovely temperament. He was a pleasure to live and work with and loved his daily groom and cuddles. Always a gentleman, he impressed everyone he met with his calm friendly personality and good manners. He will be hugely missed but leaves us with great memories.



This year's lambing started a few days earlier than expected with Tuppence being first again. Her wee girl is turning into a bit of a character and an escape artist so she is keeping her mum on her toes. It was three days before the rest started in earnest but they are coming thick and fast now. Meanwhile Jack and Lockie went out for a ride at the weekend, probably the last for a few weeks while all the attention is on the lambs.

Tuppence with Groat (?)

A sweaty Lockie is getting fitter for the summer, Jack is just Jack as usual



Brackenbrae Ultimate (Tim) went to his first show without his mum this weekend. We did not go far, approximately 200 metres along the road to Netherton Equestrian for one of Fiona Reed's famous Puddledub shows. It is always interesting to find out how a yearling takes to going out on their own to their first show but we need not have worried as he was calm and interested in what was going on around him. He was however quite vocal calling out to any horse or pony that would answer him. He managed a class win in the young stock class and went on to behave beautifully in the Championship though not placed in a very strong field. We are looking forward to his future outings this summer when he fills out and loses a bit of his winter foal coat.