Cleveland Bay Horses in Scotland



It has been a mixed sort of summer, weather and otherwise. We have lost old friends, Warlord, Wallace and now Tuxedo and we have a lot of healthy, friendly lambs and two cracking foals. Pearl, Crystal and Cori are in foal for next year but Skysail unfortunately is not, in spite of a lot of effort and expense with AI. Tim is up for sale now and we hope that he will find a good new home soon but we will miss him, he is such a sweetie. He has really enjoyed his first summer of showing on his own and we were disappointed that what would have been his last, Kinross, was rained off.

The foals went out individually with their mothers this weekend and Angus went all the way to the end of the road to see the traffic quite happily. Solstice didn't get that far as Crystal wasn't happy leaving the rest of the herd. Once around the stubble field next door was enough for her.

Trying to get the babies ready to go out - obviously an excuse to play!