Cleveland Bay Horses in Scotland



It's been a busy few weeks with something on every weekend. Skysail and Rags flew the flag for Cleveland Bays at the Scottish Smallholders and Growers Festival at Lanark Mart, amongst other native breeds, meeting and greeting the public. Rags enjoys these events and Skysail doesn't mind as long as the hay holds out.

Skysail, Ragnald, Crystal and Lucent then had a successful outing to the Caledonian Showing Championships, doing well in the Brood mare and Foal classes on a pleasant autumn day. Lucent was a bit over-exuberant in her second ever show ring but behaved very well for the rest of the day. Skysail then came second the next day in the Rare and Mixed Breeds class, luckily moved indoors as the weather had completely changed. Helen came to handle Rags on the first day and spend a bit more time with him over the weekend.

Crystal and Jimmy, Rags and Helen, Lucent and John and Skysail and Alison