Cleveland Bay Horses in Scotland



Sad news. Our darling Diamond died yesterday. She suffered with arthritis for some time and several times we have thought that we were going to have to make the difficult decision, only for our vets, Glasgow University vets and the farriers at various times coming up with ways to alleviate her symptoms. She spent a happy summer with the two latest foals, Rags and Lucent, looking after them in her usual "Granny Diamond" way, until suddenly being stricken again at the weekend. The vet came out first thing on Monday morning and she passed away very peacefully in the field.

We are devastated at losing her but very grateful that we could have her with us for as long as we have. She was a very special horse and she will be sorely missed by everyone.

Diamond, as ever, close to the wee ones

Our last photos of Diamond, taken just last week, on a pleasant summer evening