Cleveland Bay Horses in Scotland



Kinross Show has been good to us over the years and this year was no exception with in the Brood Mare class Skysail taking 1st and Crystal 3rd, Lucent receiving the rosette for Best Foal and Incandescence winning the Yearling class and then taking the In Hand Hunter Championship and winning back the Stevenson Cup for team Brackenbrae.

This was Lucent's first outing and she behaved exceptionally well, calm, and taking all the new sights and sounds in her stride. She thought trotting after her mother in the Brood Mare class was exciting and good fun and Alison did well to keep up.

The morning started with pouring rain but luckily cleared up just as our classes were finishing. Thanks to Helen Hennessy who came up from Yorkshire to handle Ragnald and Alison's friend Gwen who took Skysail round. We could not have managed without them.

Brackenbrae Lucent having her first shampoo in preparation for her first show

Sky and Gwen, Rags and Helen, Candy and Jimmy going into the ring for the In Hand Hunter Championship

Lucent receiving the Special Rosette for the Best Foal