Cleveland Bay Horses in Scotland

Welcome to Brackenbrae where we breed CLEVELAND BAY HORSES and ZWARTBLES SHEEP in PERTHSHIRE, the heart of SCOTLAND.

We are one of the few breeders of Cleveland Bays in Scotland but the number is growing slowly as these beautiful horses with wonderful  temperaments gain recognition for their great all round qualities. If you want a sensible horse that is calm and intelligent then the Cleveland Bay is the horse  to go for.

Our Farm (c) John Bennet

We, Eva and John Bennett, moved to Brackenbrae in the spring of 2005. The holding consists of 25 acres of grass
in the Earn valley 5 miles south of Perth. Great for growing grass but can get a bit damp at times. A population of free range ducks and chickens came with the holding and we have kept them going, lots of lovely free range eggs. The ducks particularly enjoy the River Farg which forms one of the boundaries. The other enterprises we have on the holding are Cleveland Bay horses, Zwartbles sheep and a few beef cattle.

The name Brackenbrae is a bit misleading, there is no bracken on the place and no brae it being a flat river valley. When I asked the previous owner why he had named it he said it had been the name of their previous house and they had kept it. You can however see several bracken covered braes in the great views surrounding us.